Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Looking for a healthy spin on your gifts this year?  Look no further!  Here are my favorite healthy-focused (mind and body) products to get your holiday gift planning started. Children NogginStik – This is the best baby rattle you’ve never heard of!  This developmentally-friendly rattle does it all; lights up with different colors, has a soft […]


Why Every Morning Should Start with Lemon Water

You know by now how much I love simplicity and is there anything more simple than a glass of water with lemon?  Rich in powerful antioxidants like potassium, calcium, and magnesium as well as a great source of vitamin C and complex B vitamins – lemons have total body benefits. I know you’ve got lemons in […]

Nutritional Label Food

Nutrition Label Basics

Depending on your dietary lifestyle, restrictions, or preferences you may be paying more attention to one part of a food label over another.  I remember the days of only looking at how many calories something had and paying no attention to any other parts of the label.  I personally try to eat as little out […]

Gone Vegan (Week 2)

Week 2 of the vegan experiment has come and gone and we are still going strong!  If you missed week 1, check out the blog post.  My husband and I are still feeling great and seeing the benefits of the plant-based diet.  Specifically for me, I cannot ignore the changes I feel in my body. […]


Gone Vegan (Week 1)

For those of you that follow me on social media, you saw that my husband and I have committed to eating a completely vegan diet for 2 weeks.  Watch my video to learn more about how and why we decided to give veganism a try.  After the 2 weeks, we will decide whether we want […]

food plate kid morning breakfast straw cup

Tableware for Tots

When my twins turned six months old, they not only started eating real food but also started daycare at the same time.  I was immediately overwhelmed by all the things I needed to buy.  What was I going to send their food in?  What can safely be microwaved?  What products don’t leak but are still […]

Protein Shake

The Protein Shake Up

The following post was co-written and collaborated on with Beth Nyce of Beth Nyce Nutrition. Did you know that every cell in the human body contains protein?   Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet since it aids in the body in repairing cells and making new ones.  As an added benefit for […]

soda caramel color

#ToxicTuesday – Caramel Color

How much do you know about the most widely used food coloring ingredient? Caramel color is an additive that not only enhances the color, but also alters the taste and texture of your food or drink.  As most people are visual eaters, caramel coloring is used to make a product more visually pleasing and therefore more […]

bacon nitrate nitrite

#ToxicTuesday – Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates, Nitrites – Potato, Potato. Nitrates and nitrites are often spoken about interchangeably.  They are in fact different, but both are common preservatives used to keep bacteria from growing on processed meats like bacon and lunch meat.  Both nitrates and nitrites are naturally occurring compounds found in soil, plants, vegetables, and the like.  The most common form […]

#ToxicTuesday – Carrageenan

#ToxicTuesday goes out to carrageenan! If you don’t know what that is, odds are it’s luring in your fridge right now. Carrageenan is an emulcifier, in other words a thickening agent, often found in your favorite yogurts, milk (especially almond or soy milk), ice cream, infant formula, and so many other foods. Sadly, even after […]