The Nitty Gritty on Natural Deodorants

I won’t tell you which natural deodorant to buy, but I will urge you to buy one.   Do you ever think about the fact that your skin is your body’s largest organ?  What you put on the skin is being absorbed into your body and limiting the amounts of harmful chemical exposure is important. […]

Sodium lauryl suflate SLS

#ToxicTuesday – Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate

Repeat after me: SLS-Free is the way it should be…SLS-Free is the way it should be! What Is Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS)? SLS is a common emulsifier and foaming agent used in the cosmetics industry.  The majority of mainstream body washes, shampoos, toothpastes, and soaps contain SLS.  SLS is essentially what makes your shampoo get […]

Bugs are Back in Business

I’m incredibly excited to bring you my first co-collaborated post with guest blogger, Dr. Frenchy, PhD – essential oil extraordinaire! Warmer weather is here and that means ticks, mosquitos, and whatever bugs are already nipping at my ankles, are out!  I am one of those people that gets bit to shreds, and let me tell you, […]

bacon nitrate nitrite

#ToxicTuesday – Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates, Nitrites – Potato, Potato. Nitrates and nitrites are often spoken about interchangeably.  They are in fact different, but both are common preservatives used to keep bacteria from growing on processed meats like bacon and lunch meat.  Both nitrates and nitrites are naturally occurring compounds found in soil, plants, vegetables, and the like.  The most common form […]

My Sunscreen Arsenal

It’s going to be a beautiful day and we’re headed off to the inner harbor to spend some time outside and maybe see some fish at the aquarium. Since you’ll probably need it today, I thought this would be a good day to show you my arsenal of sunscreens!  I will give my recommendations in […]

Dry, Chapped Lips? Exfoliate!

Most of us know the importance of exfoliating our skin, but did you know you should also exfoliate your lips?  Exfoliating your lips removes old cells so that new collagen can form.  An added bonus – when you routinely exfoliate your lips they rarely peel or get chapped. I want to share with you two […]

Sunscreen Face-Off: Chemical vs. Physical

I would hope that these days we are all fully on board with the fact that we need sunscreen – not just for a day at the beach or pool, but every single day.  Ultraviolet (UV) rays are going strong no matter what time of year and daily sun protection is key for keeping your […]